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About CTC

We are an independent, non-profit foundation. Our goal is to promote the conservation of marine biodiversity and the sustainable management of marine and coastal resources across the Coral Triangle.

CTC Coral Triangle Center

The Coral Triangle covers areas within six countries – Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste. It is shaped like a triangle because scientists have identified that these are the boundaries that delineate the epicenter of marine biodiversity on Planet Earth!

At CTC, we train the people who are in the frontlines of this struggle, building networks, delivering courses, and providing on-ground support for the current and future guardians of the coral seas. The battle for the survival of the Coral Triangle cannot be won without well-trained people who are sensitive to the needs of the ocean and able to do what it takes to safeguard it.

Since its foundation in 2011, the CTC has supplied crucial knowledge and skills to thousands of people engaged in the struggle for a healthy and thriving Coral Triangle: people working on the ground in fisheries and in protected areas, scientists, NGO workers, government officials, and volunteers.

Main CTC Programs


CTC Academy

Why are coastal and marine environments important, and what role do they play in my life? How do we keep our oceans and our planet healthy? What are the dangers to our oceans, and what can be done to safeguard them? What are Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and why do they matter? What can I do?

These are just a few of the questions answered by the CTC Academy learning modules on marine science, MPA principles, planning and management, sustainable fisheries and sustainable tourism in marine areas.

CTC Academy


Conservation Efforts

Our field learning sites provide an ideal setting for implementing cutting-edge conservation management on-the-ground. We support our partner MPA sites to become exemplar models of sustainable management where wider practitioners from across the region can trial the lessons they have learned, observe, learn, and gain field experiences necessary for becoming excellent guardians of our seas.

To date we are working with two learning sites in Indonesia (Nusa Penida MPA and the Banda Islands MPA network).

Conservation Efforts


Learning Networks

To effectively tackle the numerous challenges facing marine and coastal champions, it is essential to communicate.

At CTC, we have brought together practitioners from across the Coral Triangle through three key learning networks, creating avenues for communication across organizations and national borders.

Join us in our effort to keep our conservation champions connected!

CTC Learning Networks