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  • Founding year : 2007
  • We accept Donations (Money)
  • We accept Donations (Goods)
  • Volenteers welcome

Opening Hours

  • 01. Jan – 31. Dec

  • Mo-Fr:
    09:00 - 17:00
  • closed:
Emergencies: 0811 389 004 (24h)
Ambulance: 0812 384 0133

BAWA Bali Animal Welfare Association

Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) is a non-profit organisation registered in Indonesia and the USA. BAWA works to save and protect animals in Bali and beyond. BAWA was formerly established in 2007 and operates island-wide, every day. BAWA will respond to alerts of any animal in distress – from snakes to dolphins. A key focus is Bali’s Heritage Dog – the island’s genetically unique street dog that is under threat of extinction.

BAWA Vision and Mission

BAWA Vision
For all traditional communities in Bali to be natural sanctuaries for animals.

BAWA Mission
To directly relieve the suffering of animals in distress and to educate, engage and empower people to create a Better Bali for animals and humans too

BAWA Key Programs

Key BAWA Programs
Emergency Response
- 24/7 hotline
- Bali’s only free animal ambulance service
Animal rehabilitation
Sterilisation & Vaccination
Daily Street Feeding
Foster and Adoption
Education in schools & communities
Community Outreach
Advocacy for better animal welfare
Disease Control
Responsible Tourism

Signature Projects

Save Bali’s Heritage Dog.
Ban Dog Meat in Bali & Beyond
Stronger Indonesian Animal Protection Laws

How to help

Volunteer with BAWA. Its rewarding and fun
Foster or Adopt a rescued animal
Fundraise for the Animals
Donate to BAWA. Make a monthly pledge to join Friends of BAWA.
Shop at BAWA stores for gifts & souvenirs
Give Food & Supplies
Share our stories on Social Media
*BAWA works tirelessly under challenging conditions including generally lower standards of animal welfare than in most western countries; cultural practices that may be contrary to acceptable standards of animal welfare; lack of education; onerous bureaucratic requirements; weak animal protection laws; and limited resources. ALL HELP IS MUCH NEEDED & HIGHLY VALUED.



BAWA Bali Animal Welfare Association
Area: Ubud
Jl Monkey Forest 100x

+62 361 981490
+62 81138 9004
BAWA Bali Animal Welfare Association

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