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  • Founding year : 2010
  • Name of Founder : Rili Djohani
  • We accept Donations (Money)
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  • Volenteers welcome
  • Our Mission : We invest in people to protect our marine heritage, biodiversity and food security
  • Type of Yayasan Work : Environment & Nature Conservation, Oceans & Marine Life
  • Donation Link : http://www.coraltrianglecenter.org/donate-idr/
Mission: We invest in people to protect our marine heritage, biodiversity and food security

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CTC Coral Triangle Center

At CTC, we train the people who are in the frontlines of this struggle, building networks, delivering courses, and providing on-ground support for the current and future guardians of the coral seas.
The battle for the survival of the Coral Triangle cannot be won without well-trained people who are sensitive to the needs of the ocean and able to do what it takes to safeguard it. Since its foundation in 2011, the CTC has supplied crucial knowledge and skills to thousands of people engaged in the struggle for a healthy and thriving Coral Triangle: people working on the ground in fisheries and in protected areas, scientists, NGO workers, government officials, and volunteers.

Key Objectives & Mission

What happens in the Coral Triangle is not only of local interest: the Coral Triangle is the engine of the world’s oceans and seas and therefore of global concern. At CTC, we want to empower everybody to discover, learn, and contribute.

Our Vision
Healthy seas that enrich people and nature.

Our Mission
To inspire and train generations to care for coastal and marine ecosystems.

Our Goal
At CTC, we believe that people and nature are intimately interconnected and dependent on each other. We also believe that the best way to create clean, rich, and healthy seas that benefit us all is to empower people to efficiently preserve and maintain them.

Coral Triangle

Our Programs

The Coral Triangle Centre (CTC) is a locally-based NGO inspiring and engaging generations to care for coastal and marine ecosystems. Through training and site-based learning, we develop capable marine managers who can protect the unique coral reef ecosystems of Indonesia.

We do this through our programs:
Training and learning: delivering training courses and workshops to people from all backgrounds about how to protect and manage the reefs, strengthening the skills and capacities of existing and emerging conservation managers and leaders.

Field learning sites: helping to develop marine protected areas that can serve as living laboratories where practitioners carry out research, trial new techniques and learn from each other. We empower local communities to draw on traditional resource management practices and modern science to preserve the reefs.

Learning networks and forums: building connections and networks for people involved in managing marine protected areas throughout the Coral Triangle region.

Working with the public and private sector on outreach activities, such as staff training to promoting sustainable marine tourism practices, and school activities to engage students in fun, hands-on learning activities about protecting the marine environment.

New Center for Marine Conservation, which will allow us to deepen and broaden our impact providing a space for school children, residents, tourists and entrepreneurs to learn and get inspired to take action to care for and protect our oceans.

How You can Help

Everybody has a role to play in protecting our oceans. You can support our work through joining our ‘Friends of CTC’ program, or volunteering your time and energy directly to our projects. You can volunteer with us, or simply directly donate to CTC.

However you choose to support our work, we thank you.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The CTC Team are the heart of the organization. These are the people at the frontline of our work 24/7. Their dedication and commitment is what makes all of our work possible.



CTC Coral Triangle Center
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CTC Coral Triangle Center

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