Minahasa Spa

Denpasar | 80113 Denpasar Barat

Prices Start USD 10-20

  • Services:
    Back Massage, Foot Reflexology, Full Body Massage, Shoulder Massage, Tantra,

Opening Hours

open 24h/7

Minahasa Spa

Men for Men. The word “Minahasa” comes from Minahasan Tountemboan language and means “becoming one, United”. As our spa name, we always want to make our customers feel most comfortable. Every customer who comes to our spa will be relaxed, because our massage we do not only with hands but also by our hearts and minds. Masseur and customer can feel like united.



Minahasa Spa
Area: Denpasar
Jalan Gunung Tangkuban Perahu 156a
80113 Denpasar Barat Bali