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Good to know
  • Also known as : Pantai Sindhu
  • Setting : urban
  • Beach access : by Foot, Scooters, Cars
  • Busy : medium
  • Sun : Sunrise
  • Anchoring zone
  • Snorkeling
  • Lifeguard : Yes
  • Beach Chair Rental
  • Drinks & Snacks
  • Disabled Access
  • Beach or Surfspot : Beach
  • Beach Type : White Sand
  • Swimming Conditions : safe
  • Beach length : 2 km
  • Child friendly
  • Waves / Swell : Moderate waves
  • Cleanliness : cleaned
  • Ocean Bottom : Sand
Surf Spot
  • Great for Beginners
  • Restaurant Nearby
  • Surf Board Repair nearby
  • Surfing (* to ****) : 2**
Area: Sanur
Also known as: Pantai Sindhu
Swimming Conditions: safe

Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is one of Bali's original tourist beaches, but that doesn't mean it's the busiest. In fact, if you are looking for a beach that offers peace, quiet relaxation, and a strong local community, Sanur is the place for you.

At the north end of Sanur beach, you will find the Bali Beach Hotel, which was once the island's most famous and luxurious hotel. From there, the beach runs south, with most of it lined by a small cement path that is closed off to cars and motorcycles, set far back on the beach. On this path are small shops, restaurants, and hotels, some of which have beachfront patios. These are quiet places, with none of the loud music and crowds of other tourist areas.

Sanur is run by a strong village community, and most of the businesses along the beach are family-owned and have been there for decades. Locals in Sanur are very friendly and like talking to tourists, but also will leave you alone if you are not in the mood for a conversation. The beach in Sanur is superb, with clean white sand and very few vendors. The ocean here is clear and gentle, and any waves break on a reef roughly 500 meters out to sea, making this an ideal place for swimming and playing in the sand with kids.

Sanur is good for surfing, but only on rare days when the waves are huge everywhere else on the island, and the waves are a long way out from the beach. Swimmers here should keep in mind that where the sandy ocean bottom ends, there is sharp living coral covered with sea urchins, and at low tides, swimming may not be possible. This coral reef is also home to many brightly colored fish, and snorkeling can be great in Sanur, with many locals also spearfishing and skin diving farther out into the ocean. The peaceful waters of Sanur make it a great place for boats to dock, so expect to see many colorful local jukung canoes and fisherman. This is also one of the departure points for boat trips to other islands.