Kuta Beach Bali

Kuta | 80361 Kuta (Kuta) , Bali

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Good to know
  • Also known as : Kutabeach
  • Setting : semi urban
  • Beach access : by Foot, Scooters
  • Busy : high
  • Sun : Sunset
  • Anchoring zone
  • Snorkeling
  • Lifeguard : Yes
  • Parking : pay
  • Beach Chair Rental
  • Drinks & Snacks
  • Disabled Access
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Beach or Surfspot : Beach, Surf Spot
  • Beach Type : White Sand
  • Swimming Conditions : can be dangerous
  • Beach length : 3 km
  • Average width : 50 m
  • Child friendly
  • Hazards & Dangers : Undertow
  • Waves / Swell : Moderate waves
  • Cleanliness : cleaned
  • Ocean Bottom : Sand
Surf Spot
  • Great for Beginners
  • Restaurant Nearby
  • Surf Board Repair nearby
  • Parking nearby
  • Surfing (* to ****) : 3***
Area: Kuta
Also known as: Kutabeach
Swimming Conditions: can be dangerous

Kuta Beach Bali

Bali is famous for its beaches, and none is more famous than Kuta Beach. Traditionally an unimportant place for the Balinese, it was first popularized by visiting surfers, and then by backpackers travelling through Southeast Asia. Restaurants and hotels began to spring up to accommodate visitors, and the area grew from there, becoming the most popular and crowded in Bali.

Kuta Beach Atmosphere

Today, a busy street runs along the beach, lined with apartments, malls, hotels, convenience stores, restaurants, and bars blasting music. The beach is full of chairs and loungers for rent and vendors are everywhere. Many local and visiting families with children play in the water, which is safe but can have strong currents at times, and is dirtier than in other places. Kuta Beach’s, small and gentle waves and soft sand bottom make this a popular place for people learning to surf, and there can be hundreds of surfers out on any given day, even if there are no waves. Add in joggers, yoga enthusiasts, and groups playing football, volleyball, and beach tennis, and you have a beach that is always alive and full of action.

Kuta Beach Goot to Know

If you are looking for a place to relax in peace and quiet, this is not it, but if you want to experience the heart of Bali’s busy beach culture, or see one of its most historic tourist locations, Kuta Beach is worth at least one visit. Be advised that the traffic here is some of the heaviest on the island and parking is often non-existent, especially for cars, so try to get dropped off by a driver or taxi, or park far away from the beach and take a long walk through the busy alleys of Kuta to get here. To beat the crowds (maybe) come early in the morning, when everyone is still sleeping, but for the full-on Kuta Beach experience, come at sunset, when mobs of tourists and locals watch the sun go down with a drink, snap photos of each other, enjoying this unique atmosphere.