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Bali Bird Park

A Great Day Out at Bird Park

Experience more than 1000 birds, 250 species and a fun day out that you will never forget. Bali Bird Park is one of the definite must-see attractions on Bali. This unique and very well managed family and animal park arrived on Bali’s eco-tourism scene more than 20 years ago.

Bali Bird Park is divided into regions that recreate the natural habitats of its birds, complete with indigenous plant life. So come with us on a magical journey across the Indonesian archipelago, Latin America, Africa and Australia.

When it’s time for a break, stop off at our casual open-air restaurant (named after our beautiful Bali Starling) and enjoy local and international dishes. Or stop at our Rainforest Café for a refreshing tropical juice or a cooling homemade ice cream.

If you are looking for a different visual experience, visit our 4D air-conditioned cinema. Watch one of the surround-sound films centered around birds on show here.

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Breeding & Conservation

Bali Bird Park plays a key role in protecting and conserving Bali’s and Indonesia's endangered wildlife. Bali Bird Park bred many species, including the rare Pesquet’s Parrot and numerous Bali Starlings, mainly to support local release programs. There are more than 40 species of protected Indonesian birds in the park, a growing number of which are now breeding successfully under the care of the staff.

More than 1000 Birds

Shows & Events

During the day the park offers exciting and entertaining shows for the visitors which are for adults and children alike. The management also organizes regular events for schools, students, companies and there is always something interesting happening.

You can enjoy a tasty lunch, snack or dinner at the Main Restaurant or at Rainforest Café. Don't forget to get some unique souvenirs from Bali Bird Park at the shop. The money earned through merchandise helps the park management in keeping this place healthy and clean to the highest standards.

The Bali Rainforest Show is not to be missed as it's a "Free Flight Bird Show" where you can see macaws, storks, cockatoos and other birds as they soar through the sky - an amazing opportunity to see so many different birds and experience them close-up while they spread their wings and take off.

Current daily Shows:
Bali Rainforest, Basic Instinct, 4D Theatre, Komodo Experience, Guyu Guyu Corner, Papua Rainforest Feed, Lory Feeding, Meet the Bird Stars, and Pelican Feeding.

Great for Families and Kids

Kids want to see different things and if you are looking for a  day out away from the beach, Bali Bird Park is indeed a great option. The staff is really friendly and they help the kids to get close to the birds, puts them onto their shoulders and make sure that the kids are engaging with the animals. During some shows kids can feed the birds or hold them on their arms when they are landing after they took a short flight.

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Spending a day off the Beach can be an excellent change of scenery


Batubulan, not far from Ubud. 20 minutes away from Sanur or 40 mins drive from Kuta.
Jl. Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir - Singapadu, Batubulan

Opening Hours

Daily, from 9:00am - 5.30pm