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Bali Bike Rental

We have partnered with Bali Bike Rental, probably the most trusted and most professionally run Scooter and motorbike rental company in Bali. Brand new fleet of motor bikes and scooters in perfect condition. Pick-up & drop-off service, quality insurance, and impeccable service. They can even help you if you ever left the bike somewhere after a party and you don't know exactly where it is (always smart to leave the scooter after a drink!). They can put a WiFi box in your backpack and manage a 24/7 hotline in case you run into trouble.

Bali Scooter Rental Online Booking:
Book and secure your motorbike or scooter already before your arrival, and rent your Bali scooter online. Get it delivered to your preferred location on time. Explore Bali in a safe, secure and convenient way! Scooters of Bali Bike Rental are easy to ride, below 150cc.

Bali Motorbike and Scooter Rental

Selection of Bikes and Scooters

Honda Scoopy 110cc
Honda Scoopy 110cc

The Stylish Scooter

With a Scoopy Scooter you never go wrong. A scoopy gets you anywhere in Bali

Rent a Scoopy

Honda Vario 125cc
Honda Vario 125cc

The Classic

This is the most common scooter / bike used in Bali. Super reliable, easy to drive, all automatic.

Rent a Hondy Vario

Honda CRF 150L
Honda CRF 150L

The Adventurer

If you want to hit the road towards the highlands, this is perfect. Not too comfortable for cruising.

Rent Honda Cross CRF 150L

Yamaha Nmax 155cc
Yamaha Nmax 155cc


This powerful street cruiser is a league in its own. Perfect for tours and longer trips.

Rent the Yamaha

Bali Big Bike

"Bali Big Bike" operates a large, high quality fleet of big motorcycles from 150cc and above. Offices are located in Kerobokan and in Nusa Dua.
Scooter and Motorbike Bookings are made online, or you can come directly to the offices. All Bikes are delivered directly to your hotel, villa or the airport, anytime time you need it.

Rent a Bike at Bali Big Bike


Scooters & Motor Bikes

Bring Intern. Driving License
Check Bike Conditions
Don't Drink & Drive

Store your luggage during trips
Navigate with Goole Maps

Rent Pocket Wifi & local SIMcards

Hire, Book, and Reserve Online with Bali Bike Rental & Bali Big Bike

Getting and driving a scooter or motorbike in Bali is rather easy which is mainly due to a lack of law enforcement. This seems to encourage visitors to be a bit too careless about their own safety when it comes to renting a scooter or a motorbike, which leads regularly to horrible accidents and huge dramas because no insurances and support systems where in place
Safety, Reliability is very important when renting a motor bike in Bali, this is why we felt comfortable to promote Bali Bike Rental and Bali Big Bike to our visitors. The many scooter rental places that line the streets of Bali in most cases do not provide any insurance, have no maintenance standards, and sometimes might even con you into some repair payments that you haven't caused. If prices are very low in this business then you should be suspicious. Therefore, we advise you not to save a few dollars and jeopardise on your safety. It's simply not worth it.

With Bali Bike Rental you can hire and reserve your scooter or motorbike online and get instant confirmation. You can choose various helpful add-ons and great gadgets. The motorbike or scooter will be ready at your hotel, resort, villa or even at the airport, the day you want to start driving.

Bali Bike Rental and Big Bike Bali both offer a reliable insurance packages.
When your rental period is over, the scooter will get collected at the location you have picked it up.

lockers storage facility

Luggage Storage & Lockers

Bali Bike Rental now provides also locker rooms, where you can store your excess luggage safely. This is an extra service that you can book with them, regardless whether you rent a bike or not.

Particularly when you go on a trip for a day or even a few days exploring the island, you might not need all your luggage and not want to carry it around. Not all hotels allow you to leave luggage with them or provide a luggage room, particularly not after you have checked out.

Are the lockers safe?
Lockers are under constant CCTV surveillance. Dimensions are 930mm (height) x 382mm (width) x 500mm (depth).
You will get a personal RFID armband so only you can unlock the locker and get to your luggage. The storage facility keeps your luggage dry and free of humidity, which is great in this climate.

Where can I store my luggage on Bali?
Locations are in Kerobokan (Seminyak) and in Nusa Dua, only 5 minutes drive from the Airport.

Luggage and Storage Facility Bali

Driving a scooter or motorbike on Bali

Check out our Top 12 "spiritual" traffic rules and principles to apply when driving the roads of Bali. Helpful tips on safety, traffic, road conditions.

Must-know Tips on Bali's Traffic and on renting a motorbike / scooter

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