Where to Stay in Bali

Main Areas at a glance

South West Bali:

  • Kuta & Legian | Fun and Party, Beach, in-expensive
  • Seminyak, Kerobokan, Canggu | In-Style, Family Friendly, Medium to upper Class
  • Central Bali:
  • Ubud | Art, Body & Soul, Great for excursions
South East Bali:
  • Sanur | Classy & Quiet, Family Friendly, Quiet Beach
  • Candidasa | Laid Back - very
Bukit Peninsula, South Bali
  • Nusa Dua | Beachfront Resorts, Big Branded Hotels, Conventions
  • Tanjung Benoa | Beach Front Hotels, Medium Class, Family Friendly, Water Sports
  • Jimbaran | Beach Front, 5 star Resorts, seafood
  • Balangan, Padang Padang, Binging, Uluwatu | Beaches, Surfing, Remote, Beauty
North Bali
  • Amed, Tulamben (North East) | Nature & Diving, small hotels
  • Lovina & Singaraja | Remote, small hotels
Islands, east of Bali:
  • Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan | Bali 30years ago, diving, beauty, quiet, in-expensive

Take some Time and Get to Know Bali First

First time on Bali? Before booking an accommodation, we strongly suggest to make use of our website or others, with which you feel comfortable with, and get to know the main areas first and check out what Bali is all about. Don't worry; whatever your accommodation needs, Bali has it on offer, and the small size of the island and incredible range of hotels, guest houses, and villas means that no matter what you have planned for your vacation, you can be sure to find the perfect place to rest your head. If you need help to find the ideal place for you, drop us a note, and we will try to help you to find your perfect spot.

Bali’s hotels, villas, and rental properties offer incredible comfort and value, and are as diverse as the travelers that visit them. From budget guest houses to five-star luxury hotels, Bali offers great deals that suit any budget.

But we all know how daunting and confusing the task can be finding the perfect holiday place for oneself - or if you are in charge, for the entire family. There are a lot of factors to consider. Take your time, Bali is small but its diversity leaves us astray at times, if we do not get a feel for our preferences and the areas where we can most likely find what we are looking for.

We suggest to spend some time on this page to get to know Bali, and its different tourist areas and what to generally expect there. This helps you when you run through the hotel and villa listings.

 Bali Map - Main Tourism Areas


Tuban, Kuta, Legian

Just north of the airport, West Coast:

The Tuban, Kuta and Legian area is the most developed part of Bali and attracts the most visitors by far. Kuta Beach is where tourism and surfing started decades ago. It’s an ideal place to find accommodation on a budget and is within easy reach of most of the southern parts of Bali. Small hotels and losmen still offer basic rooms with a lot of personality for a few dollars per day, while some larger budget hotel chains have sprung up in Kuta and Legian in recent years, with clean standard rooms available at great rates.
Prices here depend whether hot water, a/c, or a pool is offered, and bargaining is common in privately run homestays.
Some upper class hotels offer rooms and apartments catering for the needs of the party hungry traveler ready to spend the extra dollar for luxury accommodation. Cheaper prices are almost always available for longer stays.

Kuta and Legian are not quiet, by any means, and visitors who stay here should be prepared for action and even crowds at all times of day and night. Packed into the alleys running through this area are an incredible number of busy restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, and the beach is never more than a short walk away. Kuta Beach is a great place to learn to surf, enjoy the sunset, and meet new people.

Letting your inner party animal run wild
We do advise you not to run too wild. Bali is a very safe place but it can also be dangerous and can show its dark sides - like any part of the world, where alcohol, drugs, prostitution come together.
The night clubs, the famous Bali Girls (Kupu Kupu Malam), the security in the streets, the drug market are controlled by pretty powerful mafia-like gangs who do not hesitate to make use of violence.
So use your common sense, respect some rules, leave your t-shirt on, and stay alert. Then also Kuta in the night will show more light than darkness.

Kuta Beach


Seminyak & Kerobokan

Farther north lies the more refined Seminyak and Kerobokan area, famous for luxury and style. If you want to be close to the heart of things, but enjoy a bit more sophisticated accommodation and surroundings, this is the place for you. Hotels here are slightly more upscale, ranging from affordable and stylish to luxurious and opulent.
Seminyak also has an incredible number of private villas available for short and long-term stays, often including staff that will cook, clean, and look after your every need. The hotels and villas in this area are often tucked away from everything else, offering serenity, calm, and a unique Balinese aesthetic.

Seminyak and Kerobokan, the area a bit north of it are great for families, with many world-class but affordable restaurants, clean, pleasant beaches, and fashionable, funky boutiques that will drive shoppers wild without hurting their bank accounts. Kids’ clubs and indoor play areas are also available, as are nannies at very reasonable prices.



Canggu is strategically located between Seminyak and Tanah Lot. It's a new sensational beach town for young travelers especially surfer & skater communities, and also expats from all over the world. This area has infinite options of budget hotels, dormitory rooms, and surf camps located nearby the beach. Sometime, few hotels and apartments are also can be found among the local housing area. Full-serviced villas with private pool and other extravagant facilities are great choice for you who want to experience the best during your stay in Canggu. Most of these properties are usually come with nice view of the beach, rice fields or beautiful garden with blossom frangipani trees.

Many restaurants and cafes are located on the main streets like Jl. Batu Mejan, Nelayan and Pantai Berawa. While warung and local street food stalls are usually pop-out between local housing in the gang (small aisle) way. Cute little shops selling fashionable stuffs, surfing and skating merchandises are also can be spotted anywhere.

Don't forget Ubud!

In the mountains around Ubud, the guest houses, hotels, and villas share the village’s peaceful atmosphere and focus on culture and art. Backpackers can stay in comfortable losmen that have been run by local families for decades, and get a true feeling for rustic traditional life in Bali. Chickens, playing children, and perhaps the odd monkey are included. Yoga retreats and other spiritually focused accommodation can also easily be found by the soul-seeking traveler.
Many mid-range hotels offer families comfort and style, with local stonework, wood carvings, and fish ponds all part of the deal. Meanwhile, some of the world’s most luxurious hotel chains have created havens in the surrounding mountains, offering incredible style and world-class comfort for travelers seeking peace and serenity.
Ubud has long been the home of choice for artists and free thinkers from around the world, so there is no shortage of longer-term accommodation available. Vacation rentals can be found for a wide variety of budgets. The centre of Ubud, though focused on meditation, traditional arts, and culture, is lively, with restaurants and shopping options for all ranges, and families can enjoy plenty of activities among the rice fields and rivers in the area.



Sanur is one of the oldest tourist regions in Bali, and yet has remained calm and quiet, run according to traditional principles by a tight-knit group of Balinese villages. Sanur is  more focused on tranquility and relaxation. Many foreigners who came here late 80ies, 90ies settled in Sanur area enjoying a balanced lifestyle. For holiday makers it is ideal for families, with a peaceful white sand beach fronting a calm section of the Indian Ocean that allows for water sports of all types. Some hotels and resorts are appeal to honeymooners and couples who enjoy a quiet and romantic setting.

Sanur is a great place to find mid-range accommodation too, an affordably priced yet stylish beachfront hotel, or a house or villa for a longer stay. Tradition is strong in the area, which is known as a centre for magic, meaning that visitors can get a true taste of Bali while still having access to modern amenities.

Hotels & Resorts in and around Sanur


Nusa Dua & Tanjung Benoa

Those in search of beachfront luxury will appreciate Nusa Dua, on the southern tip of the island. Here, the world’s foremost hotel operators have set up lush beachfront compounds, each with its own system of swimming pools and restaurants. Massages, spa treatments, kids’ clubs, and tasteful boutiques can all be found within the grounds of these spacious properties. Surfing and water sports are also available in the stretch reaching up to Benoa which is a great area for families with kids. While some mid-range options and private villas are found here, Nusa Dua is really for those who want to enjoy the finest accommodation in a uniquely Balinese way.
Nusa Dua's hotels and resorts host regularly some of the most important events, gatherings and business meetings in the Asia Pacific Region and are therefore perfectly equipped to match the highest standards in conference and convention facilities.


The Diverse Bukit Peninsula in the South

The west coast of Bukit is a a great area to experience a more remote area of Bali, and some of the best beaches for swimming and surfing. Mainly: Balangan Beach, Dreamland Beach, Padang-Padang Beach, Bingin Beach,  Uluwatu coastline.

Lovers of beaches, surfing and sun will love it here. You will find some world-class surf breaks on this cliff-lined stretch of coast. Surf-hungry backpackers traveling on a shoestring can find the most basic accommodation here, often offering only a bed and a fan, but those who want to enjoy their time out of the water can also find many mid-range choices, often owned by local families and including a restaurant or bar and swimming pool. More and more upper class hotels and private villas offer their services.

An increasing number of luxury hotels and private villas are also springing up along the northern cliffs of the Bukit area - south of Jimbaran, offering upscale accommodation and incredible views, as well as magnificent villas of the utmost luxury. Currently there is a huge tourism development project underway, called Pecatu with a golf course of international standards. Some 5 star hotels and villa resorts have already opened their doors and more are to follow.

Check out the hotel listing: Zoom in the map to get a broader view of this area which will also show you more hotel options!

Hotels and Resorts Bukit


Amed, Tulamben Area

Nature, Serenity and Clear Waters. Diver's Paradise. Want to get off the beaten path? Accommodation in regions like Amed and Tulamben is comfortable and suited to families, couples, or relaxed singles. Here, there is a wide range of mid-level options, often fronting the beach and offering snorkeling and diving. These areas are still quiet, and offer an amazing opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy low-key Bali tranquility.

Hotels in and around Amed

What's your preference and budget?

The variety of things you can do and expect while enjoying your holiday is simply mind-blowing. Travelers can dive into the busy social scene in popular areas or enjoy an exclusive getaway in the boutique hotels, tranquil private villas, and vacation rental properties found all over the island. Backpackers will be surprised by the clean, relaxing accommodation available on a tight budget, while those who want luxury can live like royalty at a reasonable price.

So before you start your search through 4000+ Hotels, Resorts and hundreds of private villas get a feel for what's your preference and read up a bit on the areas and what they are offering in general.

Then, while browsing through our hotel online booking partner site, make use of the filters, map views, select the matching areas and decide on a rough budget; this will help you to get fast results on deciding where you wish to stay on Bali and short list the properties.
Since it has become so easy and comfortable for travelers to book their rooms online, many Bali visitors do not spend 2 weeks at the same location anymore but choose the spend 3-5 days in one location and then move on to another. This makes absolute sense because Bali is small, you won't waste much time and if you rent a car for the day you use that day to visit a site or attraction on the way. 4 days Ubud, 4 days Lembongan and 4 days Seminyak is a nice package.

Sanur is also great, more relaxed and laid back, but still offering everything your heart desires. If you are more into diving you might want to consider the north east, Tulamben area.

Value for money is excellent on Bali when it comes to accommodation and restaurants. In any case, whether you choose luxury or budget or something inbetween, you will get much more for your money than in most other countries in the world.

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