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On Bali you can find everything from basic guest houses (Losmen) run by friendly Balinese families to luxurious beach resorts, and privately-serviced beachfront villas with a driver and a cook. Accommodation is comparably cheap and Bali's high level of service and the friendliness of staff are well known.

Travelers can dive into the busy social scene in popular areas or enjoy an exclusive getaway in the boutique hotels, tranquil private villas, and vacation rental properties found all over the island. Backpackers will be surprised by the clean, relaxing accommodation available on a tight budget, while those who want luxury can live like royalty at a very reasonable price.

Hotel and Accommodation Listing

Some Important Tips

  • We strongly suggest you get familiar with the main areas of Bali first
  • Make use of the filters in the sidebars when looking for an accommodation. Particularly area, price, and rating are helpful in boiling down the long list of hotels and resorts
  • Don't get dazzled by the hotel names. A hotel with Seminyak in the title might not exactly be in Seminyak - or just "at the edge of Seminyak"
  • And a hotel that is called Royal Something, might not be royal at all.
  • Location, location, location. Once you selected the main tourist area such as Ubud, Kuta, etc, then zoom in with the map! Looking at a hotel that is located near the coastline could make you believe it's just a short walk to the beach. But roads are tricky here on Bali. Zoom the map and look at the roads closely, that will give you a clearer picture on what to expect.
  • Have a look at the number of rooms, to get a feeling for the size of the property and the number of fellow guests you might share breakfast with in the morning

Serviced Villas

Luxury Hotels & Villas

Bali’s villas are offering luxury and privacy in the most peaceful of settings. Stay in upscale villa resorts or in private villas that cater to a wide range of budgets, and in styles that vary from hip and modern to regal and traditional.
The fully serviced villas in Bali typically come with a chef, maids, and drivers who take great care of you, making sure that your vacations are perfect. All of the modern amenities can be found, including media centers with sound systems, fast wifi connections, and fully appointed international kitchens. Furthermore you will enjoy privacy.

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Hotels & Resorts

5 star Hotels

Bali top hotels and resorts are famous around the world, and for good reasons - beside the very fact that value for money is excellent here on the island of Gods - regardless of the star rating. Balinese culture has long focused on craft and aesthetics, and this sense of style has changed the island’s approach to accommodation, whether in hotels, villas, or resorts. 5 star luxury is available in any size and shape. You will be amazed how little you might end up paying for a dream holiday compared to most destinations anywhere else in the world. Traveling on business, holiday with family, as a couple or single. You'll find the perfect place on Bali.

5 star Hotels and Villas

Cheap Places Hotels

Traveling on A Budget?

Bali is a great place for backpackers and travelers wanting or needing to travel on a budget. Value for many in Bali is excellent and if you do not want to spend much, you do not need to suffer in a run down place. There are plenty of 1 to 3 star hotels also managed by international hotel chains. One of the most affordable and authentic ways to experience Bali is by staying at a homestay or guest house, which are known in Indonesia as LOSMEN. You can spend US$ 10 - 20 per night in a losmen or go up to 30-50 for a night in a decent hotel with pool and A/C.

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Why Bali Accommodation is the Best in the Region?

Style, Architecture, Service, Value for Money is unmatched

Accommodation in Bali is designed with natural principles in mind, making use of local materials and traditional expertise in wood carving, stone-masonry, and architecture. From the smallest family hotels to the most spacious resort getaways, Balinese style is always a focus.

This style is not only present in design, but in the way that visitors are treated. Balinese culture is warm and friendly, and open to the travelers that have been visiting Bali for decades. Hotels and resorts in Bali make it easy for travelers of all types to visit.

Bali is also a favorite destination for the romantic, and those looking for a special private escape can find their own hideaway in a wide range of areas and prices. The Island of the Gods is a popular place for weddings, with couples often choosing to exchange vows on one of its wind-swept white sand beaches, or in the lush tropical jungle settings of the mountains. Villas offer the ideal escape for a honeymoon, allowing travelers to relax in comfort while their every need is taken care of.

Bali is also a popular choice for business travelers, and some of the biggest and most important conventions and conferences in the region have been held on this tranquil island such as the APEC meeting in 2013. Many of the island’s resorts and hotels have spacious and well-appointed conference rooms and spaces for meetings, allowing the business-minded to hash out tough deals while enjoying ocean breezes.

Relaxation and fun is never far away. Families visiting resorts and hotels can enjoy the kids areas, lagoon pools and sometimes even water slides. Spa treatments, massages, shopping, group outings, and days at the beach are at your fingertips, while kids of all ages can participate in activities ranging from elephant rides and safaris to surf lessons and banana boats. Some resorts, villas, and hotels offer access to golf courses where visitors can hit the links to clear their minds

Travelers with something funkier in mind can enjoy unique boutique hotels that fuse local elements with international style.

Whatever your desire, Bali has a place for you. Come and visit and let the unique feel of the island make your dreams and goals a reality.

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