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We own and operate Bali's major websites and portals bali.com, baliguide.com and bali.org.

Visitors and residents need access to reliable and structured information about Bali as a tourist destination and place of residence. We will make Bali accessible for everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve overall the "Bali-Experience" for Balinese, visitors and residents. In all our efforts we aim to support Bali, Bali’s businesses, local communities, and Balinese to move towards a brighter, and greener future.

Our Vision

Our Vision is simple. To be the no. 1 digital doorway to Bali and most comprehensive and reliable source of information about Bali for the global "Bali Community". To be the no. 1 online marketing partner for all travel and leisure related businesses.


We believe that all stakeholders, Investors, Business Managers and Owners, Government, NGOs, residents, and last but not least the tourists need to become even more culturally and environmentally conscious.

If Bali wants to manage successfully the continuous influx of capital investment, tourists and new residents then the concept of "Sustainability" needs to be anchored into our thoughts and actions. All stakeholders are dependent on each other!! All stakeholders have responsibility.

If some restaurants decide to act responsibly, recycle their waste for example, then we will help them to let the community know, that they are doing something for the island. We will help the consumers to find those restaurants, so they get the chance to know about it and then they at least have a choice. A choice on how to "re"-act to this information and a choice to act responsibly by deciding on where to spend their money.

Initiating and supporting CHANGE

At the beginning, we do not need everybody to change, to create overall change. Just a few can make a difference and others shall follow naturally. And we are determined to support all stakeholders that decide to act responsibly and support Bali.

There is a challenge ahead but also a unique opportunity for Bali and the Balinese.

Online Advertising - Bali.com for Business Owners

We further believe: That Online Marketing is extremely powerful and that all businesses in Bali can and should have access to fair and effective (online) marketing efforts. We will offer listing products and advertising opportunities that will bring value for money to the community and at the same time be helpful for the users. And, we will not produce tons of paper that ends up in the rubbish or at best at the bottom of a Balinese birdcage, giving company to a poor singing bird, that will never properly spread its wings again.

If you spend some of your marketing dollars on Bali.com you will present your products and services to your customers and they can immediately engage with you, send an email, ask a question, visit your website to know even more about you, book a room or a table, save a bookmark... . Something a print ad can hardly do for you.

Voice of Bali

What we will do will prove what we believe in and we are determined and are working hard on creating and offering a website portal about Bali that serves visitors, Balinese, and business owners.

First, we will create a comprehensive one-stop tourism destination portal that goes far beyond simply reselling some villas. And we will offer business owners the opportunity to get highly relevant and very affordable online exposure. This will allow also the smaller locally owned businesses to address the international community and present themselves and their products.

Then, we will integrate step by step content that concerns Bali not only as a tourism destination, but as home to 4 mio Indonesians and thousands of expatriates that live here and make a living. We will invite stakeholders to speak up and publish what they have to say, what their plans are and how they see the future of Bali and how it can be supported.

Welcome to the digital, international "Voice of Bali".

OM Swastiastu

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