Current Travel Restrictions for Bali & Indonesia

For the moment all foreign arrivals (tourism) to Indonesia have been banned until further notice.
However, Indonesia Immigration has given some exemptions for foreigner to enter Bali or other areas for several specific reasons, such as:
  • Humanitarian activities
  • Volunteering Activities
  • Family reunion
  • Business or Investment visit
If you belong to none of the category mentioned above, but you need to be in Bali for an urgent matter, then a visa priority service can be your perfect option.

Read more about Priority Visa

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Bali is Unique - Bali is unmatched

Don't worry. The corona crisis will one day be over and we all will be eager to travel again, enjoy life, mingle, dance, explore, unwind, party, shop, and have a coconut on the beach. So while we are all stuck in some form of lockdown let's not forget that after every rain, the sun will shine again. And if you have the desire to come to Bali after the veil has lifted, then spend some time on our pages and get some helpful information for your travel plans.

We know no better place in this world to do all the above and more, during a single trip. There is no other place like Bali giving you so many choices of literally everything holiday related that you can imagine - variety variety variety. Bali is rated as one of the best travel destinations in the world by countless websites, review portals and travel magazines each year - for very good reasons. Not everything is perfect on this island and some aspects still need to improve or change or to be taken care of by the government. But even Bali's imperfections have their charm at times. If you spare some time for us, we will explain what you can expect (and what not) so that you can be sure your visit will be an amazing experience. Bali is diverse and complex and it's good to understand a bit more about this island before booking your hotel.

This "something special" that's hard to describe

And, there is something else that touched the hearts and souls of millions who came here before you. There is a special vibe, an essence, something authentic that is difficult to describe, which has touched and inspired travelers, artists, seekers and entrepreneurs from all over the world since decades. It has something to do with the Balinese themselves and their warm and welcoming character, their openness, their amazing and loving spirit. You have to experience it to believe it. The level of tolerance, respect and the freedom you can enjoy to be and explore yourself - it is truly magical. Bali allows you to be who you want to be. And that's a feeling that is priceless in itself.

Welcome to Bali, welcome to

Top Reasons to come to Bali

Many visitors to Bali are what we call repeaters. Many who came first time were certain, they will never go to a destination twice . Then they found this little something, that made them more happy than other places could. So they keep coming back.

Bali is famous for beaches, countless waves for surfing, scuba diving, natural sites to visit and explore, an extremely fascinating Hindu culture with colorful ceremonies and magnificent temples; gifted artists producing beautiful artwork in paint, stone, wood, silver and whatever can be shaped.
There is an unbelievably wide range of hotels, resorts and villas restaurants & bars, spas and not to forget: world-class activities and shopping in Bali. Accommodation is amazing, anything from basic home-stays run by friendly Balinese families, up to 5star beach resorts and luxurious, or privately-serviced Bali villas with your private pool is available. In plenty.

And not to forget...value for money is mind blowing.

Why visit Bali?

What does it cost to come to Bali?

Very important of course is to consider the costs when traveling to Bali. No worries in this department. Bali is famous for a very high value-for-money-ratio, which allows traveler to enjoy and afford the wonder of this island, regardless of their budget. Whatever you are willing to spend for a room, a villa, a meal, a dress.... in Bali you will get a lot for your money. Imported wine, branded spirits are not much cheaper than abroad and sometimes more expensive depending on where you are coming from (because of taxes on alcohol).

Depending on your style and preference you can spend USD30 a day staying in a guest house and eating local food or you can spend USD ...well the sky is the limit.

Cost of Traveling in Detail

Bali Trave Guide E-book

Bali Essential Travel Guide e-book - Free if you book any tour or ticket with us in our activity shop.

Bali Travel Guide

What to do on Bali
Things to Do

TOP Activities in Bali

Sports, Action & Fun. The What-to-do on Bali ideas for adults, kids & families. Great Adventures. Tours, Water Sport, Parks.

Top 10 Things to do

Best Bali Hotel Deals

Hotels & Resorts

Incredible Deals, largest selection, no hidden costs. Check our partner Hotels and Resorts Listing: Best price guarantee!

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Fully Serviced Villas

Villa Hotels & Resorts

Private Villas and Villa Resorts on Bali. Book online and save. A great way to spend your holiday enjoying privacy.

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Top Luxury Bali Villas

Luxury Villas in Paradise

The finest selection of Bali Villas & Estates. Book the very best villas Bali has to offer. 1 to 9 bedroom villas, with 24h staff.

Top Luxury Bali Villas

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs
Wine and Dine

Restaurants & Bars

Going out on Bali? Thousands of Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Pubs. Bali Restaurant Guide: any style, cuisine, any price.

700+ places listed

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving & Sites

Bali, Lembongan, Penida, Menjangan: A Diver's Paradise. PADI & SSI courses. Encounter the magical Manta Ray.

All about scuba diving


It's getting Hot

Indulge in luxury or party on a low budget. Bali loves the night. A major clubbing destination in South East Asia.

Info & List of clubs

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Top 10 Temples

Bali Temple Sites

Temples and religious sites on Bali are a "Must-Do Must-See". Experience the heartbeat of the Island of Gods.

The Top 10 Bali Temples

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Best way to explore

Car Rental with Driver

For day trips, tours and sightseeing. Trained drivers, serviced and reliable cars. Safety and great service come first!

Car prices and models

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All you need to know!

First Time on Bali?

Save some time and money and read up on our tips and good to know facts before arriving. Visa, Driving, weather, etc.

Must Know Tips

Bali Beach Padang Padang
Beaches on Bali

Bali Beaches

Bali has many great beaches, some of them world famous for their surf, relaxed atmosphere, incredible sunsets and natural beauty.

Bali Beaches

bali map tourism areas
Where to Stay

Bali's Main Areas

Get acquainted with the island BEFORE booking your hotel, villa or resort. Every region is very different from another.

Where to Stay

What to Expect from Bali

Whatever your expectations and desires, they all can be more than fulfilled, maybe not in one holiday, but you can get a lot of things ticked on your bucket list. However, Bali is not straight forward. It is diverse, complex and sometimes unpredictable and will fall short on your expectations if you don't know some basic things about the areas and some basic travel guide tips.
The island is a vibrant, dynamic organism which is home to 4mio Indonesians and a few thousand expats living and making a living here. Bali is a "real place", with real people. Although one can find the most luxurious resorts, pristine beaches, best cuisines, and coconut trees on Bali, it is not like the Maldives or Bahamas, where everything is streamlined to the standards of global tourism and where Tourism Managers have invented concepts to provide "predictable surprises" for tourists. In Bali, one can get lost in the variety of things to do. will help you to understand Bali and make it accessible to you. Take some time out to read and inform yourself in order to make the best choices on what to see and do, where to sleep, eat, drink, party, relax, indulge, surf - whatever your plans and budget.

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Good to Know

Planning your Bali Holiday

Where to stay is an important part of the decision making process when planning your trip to Bali. FIRST, get a feeling for the different areas of Bali to get a rough understanding of what they are famous for and what you can generally expect when you stay there. Also read up on the tips we have gathered on weather, visa, airport.
When you shortlist or book a hotel, villa or resort with our partner, make sure to make good use of area filters, accommodation type, and map view.

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True Luxury

Luxury - The Best of the Best in Bali

Bali is one of Asia's top luxury destinations. Some of the world's best resorts, spas, and restaurants can be found here inviting you to experience the Island of the Gods in style. Our Villa Selection features more than 160 private and serviced luxury villas - the best Bali has to offer.
The value for money for a private villa is incredible. Some villas come with car, driver, cook and are perfect for family gatherings, weddings, parties and even business meetings.

Bali with Kids

In Bali, an adventure for the whole family is never far away. This tropical island is a great place to be a kid, but moms and dads will also be surprised at how much fun they can have visiting Bali’s many family attractions. Great offers await on adventures of all types, so gather up the kids and head to Bali for an exciting family vacation!
Browse and filter through our activity list. You can get in touch directly with the providers if you have any questions about services, prices, etc.